InMotion – The road to Le Mans



The mission to Le Mans

The IM01 is the race car of the future. It is equipped with an electric powertrain to ensure maximum performance and high efficiency. It will break the Nürburgring record and compete in Garage 56 class of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.



The dark side of aerodynamics

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    Fan system
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Fan system
Banned in Formula One over 30 years ago, the Fan system is returning to the IM01. It provides massive advantages over regular forms of aerodynamics. Using a high power fan, a sealed off area underneath the car is subjected to a low pressure, causing the car to be sucked to the ground. This allows the IM01 to take off quicker and go around bends much faster. Since the generated downforce is independent of vehicle speed, we might just present the IM01, stuck to the ceiling.
By designing the sidepods to be large aero foils, negative lift is created. In combination with active suspension the amount of downforce can be changed, like a DRS system used in Formula 1. And by decreasing the ground clearance of the car, the groundeffect is enhanced as well.
The sidepods also house the radiators for cooling the electric motors. The heated air is used to blow the sidepod aero foils. The air tended to separate from the body, but by reusing this heated air, the aero foil works perfectly.
By strategically using flaps located in multiple locations, the perfect mix between low drag and downforce can be achieved. The flaps are controlled in such a manner, that they improve handling in corners, by levelling out the car. Furthermore they help reduce drag on straightaways.
The IM01’s monocoque is designed to create as little drag as possible, in order to attain high top speeds, whilst keeping power consumption to a minimum. The entire drivetrain of the vehicle is housed inside the monocoque, in such a way that the centre of gravity will be as low as possible.


Taming the tarmac

The IM01 is equipped with a active suspension, to achieve perfect handling characteristics. Apart from optimizing the mechanical grip in corners, the active suspension also helps to control the angle of attack of the various wings and flaps. Furthermore the active suspension will play a vital role in tackling the elevation changes on the Nürburgring’s treacherous tarmac.


1100+ horsepower. End of discussion.

One of our main goals is to perform better than a Formula 1 car, whilst consuming only half the amount of fuel. To achieve this ambitious target, the IM01 is packed with an electric powertrain. Each of the four wheels is powered by an individual electric motor, gaining advantage on an electric differential. In order to regain braking energy, KERS is used to charge super capacitors.


As strong as it gets

In order to achieve a perfect chassis, the IM01 features a monocoque base. The monocoque is made out of a composite sandwich, featuring an internal honeycomb structure. This insures optimal strength while keeping overall weight to a minimum.