InMotion – The road to Le Mans



The mission to Le Mans

The IM/e is a test platform based on the Formule Bio. It will be used to test systems that will eventually be featured on the IM01, like active aerodynamics, the powertrain and the ECU. The IM/e is build for lap records, it is the fastest electric formula race car worldwide.


To keep the very fast test platform on the road, downforce is a necessity. The car uses a front and rear wing, like a normal open wheel car does. The rear wing has three elements from which one is adjustable. The front has a similar setup. Both wings will be detachable to test various designs to give the aerodynamicists an insight on the airflow. Most of the work is done using ANSYS Fluent, but CFD is still just a part of aerodynamic research and will be complemented by real life tests.


In comparison to other open wheel race cars the drivetrain is not a structural part of the car. Both the front and rear suspension are mounted to the chassis, making this a responsive and stiff setup. The suspension consists of a three way damper setup from Moton, who also helps in testing and finding the right parameters.


Fully electric

To test the electric part of the IM01’s powertrain, the test platform will house a 100% electric powertrain. With a 200 kg battery pack and 2 high power motors, the test platform will exceed the specifications of a Formula E car. With this setup the car will reach speeds up to 285 km/h and propels to 100 km/h within 4 seconds.


The monocoque is made out of a composite sandwich structure, similar to that of other open wheel race cars. The monocoque is made to not only house people of medium length, but also drivers just below 2 meters. The total weight of the chassis is only 60 kg, including bulk heads and paint.


Electronic Control Unit

Together ICT Automatisering and InMotion are developing the Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) for the IM/e. ICT provides its Motar-platform consisting of the ECU’s hardware and software, whilst InMotion develops the control algorithms (application software) in MATLAB/Simulink. By using the Motar-Toolbox, production class software based on AUTOSAR is generated from the model with a single button push.