InMotion – The road to Le Mans



All-time record

With its tricky corners and height differences, The Nürburgring is likely to be the most legendary circuit of all time. In may 1983, Stefan Bellof set a tremendously quick time during a qualifying lap. The record hasn’t been beaten since. On our way to Le Mans, we will do the ultimate test by attempting to break Bellof’s record to prove the IM01’s capabilities.

24h of Le Mans

Garage 56

The 24 hours of Le Mans can easily be called the most exhausting race for both man and machine. We aim to drive faster than a Formula 1 car, but for 24 consecutive hours and with just half the fuel. Whereas technological innovations have practically stalled in many racing classes, Le Mans still provides a perfect platform for the development of cutting edge technology. Garage 56 is a special one-car class to showcase the latest techniques.


The Mission to Le Mans


We would like to introduce our team of highly motivated engineers, all with a great passion for motorsports. The team consists of interns, graduates and alumni at the TU/e and Fontys.

Daily Board:

InMotion portretten_16
Bram Hooimeijer
Team Manager
Pieter van Zuylen
Chief Development Engineering
Steef de Bakker
Chief Test Engineering
Bart 2
Bart van Duin
Chief Technical Logistics
InMotion portretten_23
Arthur van der Werf
Chief Marketing and Communication
Sven 1
Sven Gerritsen
Chief Human Resources
InMotion portretten_1
Bruno Ortiz Kessels
Chief Public Relations and finance

Advisory Board:

InMotion portretten_27
Albert Maas
InMotion portretten_28
Gerbert van de Ven
Board Member
InMotion portretten_29
Johan van Uden
Board Member
InMotion portretten_8
Rogier de Rijk
Board Member
InMotion portretten_30
Mark van Vught
Board Member